The Miami Ad School Tbilisi is a creative school where you become the successful creative powerhouse you were always destined to be. As a 'School of Pop-Culture Engineering', we are a design school, innovation school, social media school, creative school, art school, idea school, portfolio school, photography school, technical school, film school, business school, and think tank.

But we are even more: namely, part of a global network. Whether Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Miami, New York, Sydney, Mexico, Toronto, or Tokyo – we are represented around the globe. And yes, you can have your practical learning and training experience in almost every major city in the world.

Your journey will begin with two quarters in Tbilisi. After that, you will continue your studies in Berlin for another two quarters. Following that, the world belongs to you. Get the opportunity to train at some of the most successful agencies and companies around the world for two more quarters. For the last two quarters you will arrive back to Tbilisi, have an internship in one of the leading agencies of your choice, and finalize your portfolio on your 8th quarter.
Miami Ad School Tbilisi offers two portfolio programs: Art Direction and Copywriting.

Top professionals from advertising, film, marketing, and photo industry, the best digital agencies, and the media industry will educate you and help you unleash your creativity. Graduates from Miami Ad School are working for the hottest creative shops in the industry – as creatives, art directors in the field of communication design, graphic design, layout, and composition, as digital designers, and as copywriters/writers. The thing they all have in common is invaluable insider knowledge and a top-notch portfolio.

Miami Ad School is a place where creative minds from around the world come together and create a very special place.

What is Miami Ad School?

Miami Ad School (MAS) is the most influential school in the advertising industry that offers the following main directions: art-direction, copywriting, and graphic design. The school was founded in 1993 in Miami. Today Miami Ad School’s 16 branches are spread in 11 cities in the world. Apart from the portfolio program, various MAS branches offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs to their students.

What is Miami Ad School Tbilisi?

Even though the implementation of the program takes place in collaboration with Miami Ad School Europe, Miami Ad School Tbilisi (MAST) is a new, full-fledged member of the international network. Students will equally benefit from the global Eco-system that this school offers its students.

What educational degree do students obtain at Miami Ad School Tbilisi (MAST)?

MAST is a two-year certification program and the certificate is issued by Miami Ad School Europe. However, the main value of this program is its creative portfolio and the experience that is ensured by the effectively designed portfolio program. While during an interview with your dream agency no one will be interested in your degree and diploma, on the other hand, there are high chances that an impressive portfolio becomes decisive in your career of an art-director or a copywriter.

What programs are available at MAST?

MAST offers two portfolio programs to its students: Art-direction and Copywriting.

Who is an art-director or a copywriter?

These two professions cover almost everything that in the field of marketing is called “creative”. Based on the meaning of this word, we can conclude that the main function of these two occupations is to generate interesting and relevant communication ideas. Communication is always either verbal or visual or both at the same time. An art-director is a person who thinks visually and looks for messages and findings in visuals and a copywriter is someone whose instruments are language and words.

What is the structure of the MAST portfolio program?

The two-year portfolio program is divided into 8 quarters. In the first and the second quarters students will study at Tbilisi branch that is located at Kakha Bendukidze campus. In the third and fourth quarters students will continue studying at Miami Ad School Europe, (Berlin School). As for the fifth and the sixth quarters, students will be able to choose one from the following two options, these quarters can be spent either in other Miami Ad School locations or as Agency Labs in international agencies. It will be your extended classroom experience with a lot of Green-Housing for your personal and professional growth! In the seventh quarter, the student comes back to Tbilisi, and has full-time internship at one of the leading Georgian agencies. On eighth, the last quarter, student arrives back to MAST and with the guidance of a mentor chooses desired projects, brings them to their final shape and wraps up a portfolio.

Are there vacations included in the studying program?

At the end of every quarter, students will have a two-week vacation.

When do admissions start?

MAST enrolls students in two streams: In October and in April. January and July streams might also be added in the future and the applications are being accepting throughout the whole year. Consider that in order to end up in the desired stream, it is necessary to fill out and send the application a few months earlier.

What subjects will students cover within the program?

Miami Ad School is designed based on the Learning by Doing principle and the subjects are defined according to the disciplines that art-directors and copywriters will have to deal with in the future. These are: concepting, design, photography, copy, typography, and computer programs. Students will also have an opportunity to take narrow-profiled subjects as presentation skills, videography, long copy etc.

What is the learning process like?

Advertising industry usually reacts first to challenges of the rapidly changing, modern environment. In addition, art-director and copywriter are recently established professions. That is why the most effective teaching method in this field is completing a task and receiving the opinions of the practicing professionals regarding them. The learning process is based exactly on this model – receiving feedback on the finalized work.

How much is the tuition fee at MAST and how is it paid?

The tuition fee is paid in stages, according to quarters. The price for each quarter is €1,900. The program covers 8 quarters. Thus, the total tuition fee is €15,200. Students pay the tuition fee quarterly and not all at once, however, students are obliged to pay the fee before the learning process starts.

What does the tuition fee include?

The tuition fee includes only the fee for studying and it does not include traveling, working or other living expenses of a student.

What do I need to apply to MAST?

In order to apply to MAST, it is necessary to be an adult. No documents other than adulthood documents are required. To apply to MAST, you need to fill out an online application on the website and send us your work. In the absence of such, you can prepare a work based on the assignment indicated in the application form. If the school management selects you, they will contact you and invite you for a personal interview. Based on the application and the interview, the school will make the final decision regarding the student's admission. We would also like to remind you that in case of admission, in order to continue studying outside of Georgia, you need to start preparing for visa-related matters in a timely manner.

What will the learning language be?

Although MAST's official learning language is English, we do not require any document or a certificate that proves your command of the language. However, since the program includes studying and taking internships abroad, it is logical that the student should be able to present their work in a simple, spoken English and understand the feedback received on it.

Is it difficult to be admitted to MAST?

Getting into MAST is not difficult, but the studying process does require quite an effort. The important thing is to make a timely decision and send an application to get into the stream you prefer.

Are there scholarships at MAST?

We are actively working on scholarships and we hope that we will add them in the nearest future. At this point, the school does not provide scholarships.

Does the school provide students with work inventory?

Although the school is equipped with all the common equipment and technical equipment for general use, we do not provide personal work equipment. The student must have their own laptop (preferably a MacBook) and a camera.

Where is the MAST located?

Miami Ad School Tbilisi is implemented in partnership with the Free University of Tbilisi; therefore, the school space is on the territory of Kakha Bendukidze Campus (Tbilisi, Davit Agmashenebeli Alley, #240).